Sisu formed from the completion of a female DJ course held at Southbank Centre with the idea in mind to teach female identifying artists how to DJ from Scratch. The decision to start this course was enhanced by the fact that in the music industry women are under-represented and line up’s are male-dominated.

We are an artistic community providing a platform to primarily showcase female creativity. We also work with male artists who support female empowerment to provide a gender-neutral creative commonality.

Since the first DJ course ending in April 2017, we formed a DJ collective originally named, Scratch Collective. With the success from the first DJ course we hosted another course in September and by this point, we realised that with the nature of combining artistic talents in each strand of what we were doing we wanted to be wider than a DJ collective. We wanted to work with a much wider spectrum of female artists.

We originally called ourselves Scratch Collective as we were teaching women how to DJ from scratch. This name eventually ended up causing a lot of confusion with the style of DJ’ing called Scratching. A lot of people we spoke to (events, DJ’s, Artists) thought we were a Hip-Hop DJ Collective which obviously caused a lot of confusion for everyone! Combining both the factors of miscommunication through our brand name and the fact we wanted to expand to a wider artistic community involving writers, photographers, musicians from the wider spectrum, videographers, dancers etc… We went with a brand change to Sisu. As we are less than a year old and the new year was approaching we felt this was a good time to evolve and expand alongside our vision.

We chose Sisu for a few reasons. Mainly the meaning which is; the magic that enables you to keep strength and persistence in the face of adversity. Secondly, Sisu is made up of ‘sis’ which we liked the idea of it being sis/sisters and another major deciding factor was that it is a Finnish word. This represents part of our ethos of engaging with as many other cultures as possible to be as accessible, engaging and as educational as possible working with women from all over the world.

Since we kick-started we now have a variety of creative platforms which help us meet people and use the skills from the workshops to get involved in the music industry. We host a radio show every 4 weeks at 199Radio. Alongside our workshops, we are also hosting Sisu Presents: Open Decks and Meet up’s at Southbank Centre once a month until November 2018. This will provide a space for creatives to come and network and to also have access to DJ equipment to practise and learn from other musicians. We are playing at a few festivals this summer and also collaborating with a DJ collective in Macedonia called Code XX to create a joint club night.

With us being at the stage of nearly a year old, it is nice to be able to tell a story of what we are doing, the impact it is having and how we can all move forward together. We want to shout it out, loud and proud!

There are multi-platforms we host that enable women we work with to expand knowledge, network, confidence and career skills.

Events / Mix Series / Radio Shows / Workshops